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12/06/2014 13:15
LONDON, June 5, 2014 - Russian and Ukrainian media have been filled in recent weeks with “outrageous rumours… reported as fact,” all part of the “dehumanisation of the enemy that usually precedes civil war,” wrote the Guardian journalist Shaun Walker in early May.
09/06/2013 08:30
Moroccan journalism is changing, and journalists are adapting to the new technology, even if the principles remain the same, writes AFP video trainer Warwick Wise after a visit to the country under a major, EU-funded training programme.
05/06/2013 13:00
The AFP Foundation and World Association of Newspapers (WAN-IFRA) have agreed to work together to train journalists in South-East Asia. The agreement, signed in Bangkok on June 5, 2013, covers training in Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar. The Foundation’s parent company, AFP, will support the training courses by providing access to its news wires and photo and video services.
23/05/2013 16:34
The journalists of Belarus website Charter 97 had to flee to Warsaw following a 2010 crackdown on independent journalists in the country but while their situation is unusual, what they want to develop are their ‘regular journalism skills’.
13/05/2013 11:25
Former AFP editor Martin Bennitt has just completed two months training up young graduates in the basics of journalism in Bhutan, a country where the doyen of private-sector newspapers is less than a decade old (AFP Photo/David Owen).

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